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368 quizz gratuits disponibles dans la categorie Manga, Death note : Quizz : Death Note, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Dragon Ball et bien d'autres !, Death Note, Mangas shonen : les personnages masculins.. Quiz Death Note : Un petit test sur Death Note.Attention ! Il y a peut-être un risque de spoils ! - Q1: Dans quel épisode Ryuk apparaît-il ? Dans le deuxième épisode, Dans le troisième épisode, Dans le premier épisode, Dans aucun des épisodes,.. The quiz you are about to take will tell you which character from the popular anime, Death Note, you are most like. Includes up to ten results. Just answer honestly for the most accurate results, and enjoy. Don't forget to heart, comment, and follow for more cool quizzes Quiz Death Note : Quizz dur : Je ne suis qu'un amateur de 'Death Note' mais je vais faire de mon mieux - Q1: Quel est l'âge de Yagami au début du manga ? 15 ans, 16 ans, 17 ans, 18 ans,..

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Death note quiz. 1 day ago Kira . Anime & Manga TV Death Note Anime Fun Just For Fun. Contains spoilers! Have fun :) Add to library 1 Discussion 8. What anime character do you look like? 2 weeks ago Sixflags . Anime & Manga Personality Anime Manga Pokemon Attack On Titan For males only. Add to library Discussion. How much do you know about Near? 2 days ago Sixflags . Anime & Manga Just For. Death Note Quiz! by: Sasukefan12. 13,482 Responses. 4.2/5.0 (17 votes) Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites. Exactly how it sounds, This will test your knowledge of the anime Death Note. Completed 0 of 20 questions. 1. Who Was Never Kira? Light (<3 <3 lol) Misa. Ever wondered what Death Note character you'd most be like? Well, here's a quiz you can take! There are 30+ questions and 10 possible different outcomes. Based off of the anime and manga, along with some help from the Death Note: How to Read book. I tried my best to make the quiz fun and unpredictable! So let me know how it is! Created by: Ve This quiz is for the hardcore fans of Death Note! If you think you're up for the challenge, why don't you give it a go, Minna-San

Quiz Quel personnage de Death Note es-tu ? : - Q1: Quelle est ta couleur préférée ? Rouge, Jaune, Blanc, Noir,.. Quiz e Testes de Personalidade sobre Death Note. No Quizur você encontra os melhores e mais divertidos testes e quizzes de Death Note da internet Can You Get More Than 10/15 On This Death Note Quiz? The human whose name is written in this note shall die. by Pepe H. BuzzFeed Staff, Mexico . Do you have what it takes to play with life and. Rozwiąż quiz i dowiedz się do której postaci z Death Note jesteś podobny! 0 70 12. Rozpocznij quiz . Kim z Death Note jesteś? Kogo Ty odzwierciedlasz? Czy wiesz?! Sprawdź to! Im_am_Kira • 6 lat temu • #anime #deathnote . Im_am_Kira. Kim z Death Note jesteś? Kogo Ty odzwierciedlasz? Czy wiesz?! Sprawdź to! 0 74 14. Rozpocznij quiz . Light Yagami czy L Lawliet? - O kim mowa? O. Death Note ist ein Manga aus Japan, das mir meine Freundin einmal mit in die Schule gebracht hat, genau wie DB, und jetzt lese ich es genauso gern...und aus diesem Grund hab ich mich dazu entschlossen darüber ein Quiz zu erstellen. Es ist ein Quiz über die Mangas 1 und 2. Ich bin gespannt wie ihr dabei abschneidet! Death Note Nerd Tes

Death Note is popular both in manga and anime. The simple black notebook seems harmless and that's what everyone thinks. Make sure you should never write your name on it or else you'll face death. Take the quiz to get to know more about the Death Note. Challenge your friends whose better either you or them Test sur Death Note. Seras-tu prêt à chauffer ta tête pour ce quiz un peu difficile? ;) Quel est le prénom du personnage principale? Question 1/10. L Yagami Shizuki Yagami N Yagami Light Yagami Ce quiz a été proposé par clublecturemelies, n´hésitez pas. Quiz Death Note. Testez vos connaissances sur Death Note ! Vous pensez tout savoir sur Death Note? Essayez d'obtenir la note maximale sur ce quiz ! Attention, ce quiz contient des spoilers ! Difficulté : Normale. 1. Pourquoi Ryûk a laissé tomber un Death Note sur la Terre ? Parce que Ryûk veut un Death Note tout neuf ! C'était un accident. Ryûk veut rencontrer Light Yagami. Parce que.

What Death Note Character are you? Find out what Death Note (anime) character you are! (Most main characters only). Created by Ell Skyes On Nov 9, 2018 What would you want to be? Detective, maybe? Santa. A spy! Nothing. I'm too lazy. A God. Part time worker as anything. If you had a super power, what power would it be? Invisibility. Eh, I don't really care. Just anything cool. Amazing over. Death Note Quiz - 4.1 out of 5 - 14 votes - - 10 Questions - by: Victor Barros - Developed on: 2008-04-15 - 33,548 takers Let's see if you know something about Death Note! Death Note. D Only fat-free, quiz cal death for me. I actually prefer restaurants. Your food that will sustain me. Would wouldn't want me to be picky when there are so many starving people in the world. Sweaters note collar type shirts. Gothic quiz Meh. I don't really care. Whatever feels comfortable is all right with me. Clean death pressed. I need match keep myself presentable. I normally stay indoors a.

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Quel personnage de Death Note es-tu? Répondez à ces questions en cliquant sur le choix qui vous correspond le mieux. Par MiaGaG59, le 15/02/201 Une box manga 100% Death Note . La box manga du mois de juillet devrait plaire aux fans de Death Note! Elle coûte 39,99 euros pour une valeur de produit de 92€. Un coffret collector numéroté. Death Note is one of the most beloved anime series of all time. Despite being less than forty episodes in length, the series has stood the test of time purely through its exceptional quality Quiz Death Note 1 Facile 44925 MangaKilleur1 Mangas shônen 27 0 1 2 23 février 2020; Death Note : A qui appartient ce regard ? 34016 reborn Mangas shônen 94 0 1 1 29 août 2016; Death Note The Quizz 6686 Kosaru Mangas autres 661 7 13 3.6923 18 janvier 201

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Fai questo breve quiz e scopri qual è il personaggio di Death Note più affine a te Quiz Death Note créé le 11-03-2008 par anonyme avec le générateur de tests - créez votre propre test ! Voir les statistiques de réussite de ce test de culture générale 'Death Note' Merci de vous connecter au club pour sauvegarder votre résultat fanpop has Death Note trivia questions. See how well toi do in the Death Note quiz

A comprehensive database of more than 23 death note quizzes online, test your knowledge with death note quiz questions. Our online death note trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top death note quizzes The Death Note Quiz. Quizzes | Create a quiz Progress: 1 of 13 questions . I usually do quizzes on other things (AKA not manga), but in my 'umble, there aren't enough Death Note quizzes. So. Note: if you haven't read the manga/seen the anime to the end, don't take the quiz. Who first called him 'Kira' and why?. Quiz Death Note. Des questions sur le manga ou l'anime Death Note. Quiz Détective Conan. Un quiz facile sur les premiers tomes du manga. Seulement les premiers tomes, car je n'ai pas d'argent pour acheter la totalité. Quiz Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball est un des mangas les plus connus, créé par Akira Toriyama. Des questions faciles sur le début du manga ou de l'anime. Quiz Dr Slump. So you think you know Death Note, eh? Death Note Quiz; How Much Do You Know About L From Death Note? Death Note quiz; Death Note; Ultimate Death Note Quiz; Death Note Challenge! How to use a Death Note quiz; Death Note; Death Note Trivi

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  1. Jouez à Death Note, le jeu en ligne gratuit sur Y8.com ! Cliquez maintenant pour jouer à Death Note. Profitez des meilleurs jeux similaires à Death Note
  2. Play this hour's Death Note mixed quiz A new quiz every hour! Over 95 questions in rotation. Recent Scores. Trivia Questions. Free Television Trivia Questions. 1. L Lawliet 10 questions Average, 10 Qns, KND5, Feb 21 16. Do you think you know L from the extremely popular anime series Death Note? Let's find out if you're right! (This quiz is based on the anime.) Average KND5 Feb 21 16 123.
  3. utes you will find outgyhghy. Created by: Al
  4. Death Note FullMetal Alchemist Saint Seiya The Lost Canvas My Hero Academia Sailor Moon. 9. Lequel de ces mangas est créé par l'auteur de Hunter x Hunter ? Code Geass Sailor Moon Hikaru no Go Yu Yu Hakusho Katekyo Hitman Reborn (Kateikyōshi Hitman Reborn) 10. Lequel de ces mangas est d'abord sorti en anime ? Neon Genesis Evangelion Yu Yu Hakusho Hikaru no Go Zetman Hunter x Hunter.
  5. Which of the Death Note Wammy's Kids Are You Most Like? - 16 Questions - by: Mail Jeevas - Updated on: 2014-11-15 - Developed on: 2014-11-06 - 27,512 taker

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  1. The most random death note quiz you will ever take! Which Death Note character are you most similar to in this manga/anime series? Possible results are light, L, misa, ryuk, rem, mello, and near. Enjoy my first quiz :
  2. Quizz Death Note. Voici un petit quizz de Death Note,pour ceux qui connaissent. 1) Qui est le Shinigami de Light ? Remu Ryuk Ryuga. 2) Quel est le surnom de L dans la cellule d'enquête ? Ryuzaki L Lawliet Ryuga. 3) Qui est le 2eme Kira ? un membre de Yotsuba Misa Amane Soichiro Yagami. 4) Qui a tué L ? Remu Light Yagami Misa Amane. 5) Comment Ryuk a-t-il obtenu son 2eme Death Note ? En le.
  3. Death Note Trivia 10 Questions - Developed by: Kira - Updated on: 2012-03-01 - Developed on: 2012-02-20 - 39,344 taken - User Rating: 2.5 of 5 - 13 votes Do you think you know Death Note
  4. Quiz Death Note créé le 07-04-2009 par anonyme avec le générateur de tests - créez votre propre test ! Voir les statistiques de réussite de ce test de culture générale 'Death Note' Merci de vous connecter au club pour sauvegarder votre résultat

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  1. The Death Note Quiz. This quiz is based on all 12 volumes of the Death Note manga. This manga's story is by Tsugumi Ohba and the art is by Takeshi Obata. A few questions also come from the Death Note anime. How much do you know about the Death Note plot and all of its unseen twists? Time to find the answer, ultimately
  2. d . Write the victim's name in blood. Comments (1) autorenew. Please leave.
  3. Death Note RP Quiz. August 9, 2017 BloodyEmpire . Love & Friendship Personality Death Note Kira Mello Matt Welcome to your life as Tear, a 19 year old successor of L and illegitament more of nine. You finally get to meet and work with your mentor in person as love blooms and you discover more about yourself. Add to library 100 Discussion 26. The Fawn [5] Prisoner - A Death Note RP. July 30.
  4. Beyond Birthday (ビヨンド・バースデイ, Biyondo Bāsudei) is a character from the novel Death Note: Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases. He is a former successor for L from Wammy's House and the serial killer behind the Los Angeles BB Murder Case. Beyond Birthday does not appear in the manga or any adaptation, although the Los Angeles BB Murder Case is briefly mentioned in.
  5. Bonne chance pour ce quiz (vive Near le meilleur!!!) Bien. il était divertissant mais j'ai un kira a denicher alors sur ce Il n'etait pas mal. LES RÉPONSES!!!!!:33 Ouai j'aurait pue faire mieux que toi! ouai ouai allez le réponse!
  6. Death Note Quiz! 10 Questions | By Mellorox9 | Last updated: Jul 30, 2011 | Total Attempts: 2076 . Questions. Settings. Feedback. During the Quiz End of Quiz. Difficulty. Sequential Easy First Hard First. Play as . Quiz Flashcard. Start. This is to test your knowledge on Death Note. Some questions are easy and some might be hard..
  7. Anime: Death Note Genres: Mystery, Police, Psychological, Supernatural, Thriller, Shounen Score: 8.62 Ranked #59 Popularity #1 Synopsis : A shinigami, as a g..

Death Note Quiz =D lol again? What is L's Nationality like American,Asian,and etc. What is L's favorite thing to do? How did Light get the Death Note? Did Matt attend Wammy's House? Does only regular children go to Wammy's House? How did Mello get his scar? What day did Mello get killed? What day did Light get killed? Which year did Light and Mello get killed? Which Death Note rule is fake. This is my first quiz, I apologize ahead of time if there are any mistakes or you are displeased with your answers. Created by Sierra popular, and have a strong sense of justice. You tend to go to extremes to achieve your goals. You find the death note and decide to use it to rid the world of evil, and create a world where only good people exist, where you reign as a god. You would kill. Are You More Light Yagami Or L From Death Note? This quiz is about 96.5% accurate. by Norberto Briceño. BuzzFeed Staff. Viz Media Viz Media. Answer Image Answer Image Answer Image. Make sure to write it down, but be careful where you do it Death Note Quiz Trivia. NEOC Word. Teen. 13. Contains Ads. Add to Wishlist. Install. A fun, addictive and challenging game. Join millions of players in a mental challenge! Beat all the levels finding each the names and keywords of the characters from the Anime Death Note. Collect free coins and use them to reveal a clue! Challenge your friends by sharing the most difficult levels. Manage to.

10 questions - Quiz sur l'histoire de Light, Ryuk et L, personnages principaux du manga Death Note. Vous rappelleriez-vous des moindres détails de cette histoire surpren Quiz topic: Which Death Note Character am I? Trending Quizzes. Could You Win The Hunger Games? Which Hybrid House Are You In? How much of a hero are you? What is the First Letter of my Soulmate's name? Special Feature. A GoToQuiz Exclusive: Big Five Personality Test, allows you to adjust sliders to fine-tune your responses to a series of questions. Then receive your personality analysis. We're. Death Note is a pretty dark anime that shows us the story of a book that has the power to kill anyone whose name the diary owner inscribes in the book. Have you watched the anime or are you too scared to do so? This quiz is for the brave ones who have watched and liked it. If that is you then give it a try and see which character you are Testez vos connaissances avec notre quiz spécial. AlloCiné . Ex. : Game Of Throne, The Walking Dead, Pretty Little Liars, Grey's Anatomy, Arrow. Notez des films. Cinéma Séries Émissions News. Téléchargez l'APK deathnotequiz1 de DEATH NOTE de クイズ pour Android. It will be a quiz about the DEATH NOTE

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Un Death Note n'aura pas d'effet si vous inscrivez le nom d'une victime en utilisant plusieurs pages différentes.EP34 Dans le monde des Dieux de la Mort, il existe un certain nombre de copies de ce que les humains pourraient appeler Manuel d'utilisation pour utiliser le Death Note dans le monde des humains. Cependant, le manuel d'utilisation ne peut être livré aux humains.EP35 Il. Try this amazing Death Note: Are You Kira Or L? Quiz quiz which has been attempted 3410 times by avid quiz takers. Also explore over 23 similar quizzes in this category Sujet: Re: [TEST] Quel personnage de Death Note etes-vous ? Mer 17 Nov - 18:56: Mihael keehl Me corespont bien Nan jvaai parler normalement : Jsuui Meeellooooooooo ! caa tomber bien pasque jador le chocolat ( surtout le noir ) j'adore mello et je trouve que sa facon de resonner est Bien. Enn pluus il eest troooO Boo , Kira , j'laaimai bien mais il a eter un peu loin en tuen mello , enfin.

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Light Yagami, un jeune étudiant surdoué, ramasse un jour le Death Note, un carnet tenu auparavant par un shinigami (Dieu de la mort), Ryuk, qui apparemment s'ennuyait dans son monde. Il suffit d'écrire le nom d'une personne dans ce carnet, et celle-ci meurt (selon certaines conditions que le shinigami expliquera à Light lors de leur rencontre). C'est ainsi qu'avec le Death Note entre. I recently took a Which Death Note Character Are You? Quiz, and I have to say... It sucked. No offense to who made it. But my thought was, I can make a better one than that... So I decided to make one. ^-^~ I hope you enjoy~ Take this quiz! You find a Death Note. What do you do? The police want you to find out who was the criminal in a murder case Qui Serais Tu Dans Death Note? Question 5 out of 5 . quel est ton lus grand rêve. un monde ou chacun reste a sa place, dans son rang et dans son ordre un monde ou je puisse être heureux un monde ou je serais dieu/déesse un monde ou je serais tranquille. Donc la ça me va. un monde ou les gens savent ce qu'il en coûte de prendre une vie un monde ou ma justice est celle qui convient un monde.

Teru Mikami est un personnage imaginaire du manga Death Note.Il fait partie de l'association/alliance Kira Description. Teru Mikami est né le 7 juin 1982 et meurt le 28 janvier 2010, le même jour que Kira.Il mesure 1,75 m et pèse 56 kg. Il aime l'ordre et déteste le désordre Questo è un quiz su Death Note: ci saranno domande riguardanti il test che state per fare.Se non hai visto la serie non fare il quiz.N.B. Se sei Kira non vale, stai imbrogliando... Questo è un quiz su Death Note: ci saranno domande riguardanti il test che state per fare.Se non hai visto la serie non farlo. Mi raccomando non imbrogliat Takeshi Obata et Tsugumi Oba ont écrit un seinen désormais culte : Death Note. Le parcours de Light Yagami, lycéen surdoué qui tombe sur ce cahier de la mort, a fasciné des milliers de personnes à travers le monde, grâce au manga papier mais aussi à l'adaptation animée. Êtes-vous incollable sur Death Note ? Testez vos connaissances avec ce quiz Les questions et r ponses en rouge si vous r pondez juste, c'est vous de poser une question sur Death Note. Quel age a Raito / Light au d but de l'histoire ? Death Note 123 - Forum. Vous souhaitez r agir ce message ? Cr ez un compte en quelques clics ou connectez-vous pour continuer. Death Note 123 - Forum . Le forum de Death Note 123-67% Le deal à ne pas rater : - 67% sur le Ventilateur. Death Note a eu un grand impact, à la fois dans le manga et son propre anime, et le travail de Tsugumo Ohba a des fans partout dans le monde. Si vous êtes un adepte du manganime, nous vous recommandons de lire les curiosités suivantes à propos de Death Note, car il peut y avoir des données que vous ne connaissez pas. Au fur et à mesure que Screenrant recueille, voici 15 curiosités qui.

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  1. Curta o vídeo e se inscreva no canal. |Obrigado por assistir
  2. ☯ READ ME ☯ I AM KIRA?!! Death Note Quiz according to buzzfeed, i'm as clever as light yagami AKA KIRA. WATCH PPL.... Subscribe for more! https://www.youtube..
  3. The Death Note quiz. Quizzes | Create a quiz Progress: 1 of 10 questions . so, you think you know everything about the most popular manga and anime series in the world? then take the quiz! What is the name of the shinigami who dropped their Death Note? Rem Ryuk Gelus Sidoh.
  4. Fanpop has Death Note trivia questions. See how well you do in the Death Note quiz
  5. Showing death note quiz questions (101-200 of 288) « Previous | Next ». The person in possession of the Death Note is possessed by a god of death, its original owner, until they die
  6. Death Note : Quiz Questions This category is for questions and answers related to Death Note, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Related quizzes can be found here: Death Note Quizzes There are 86 questions on this topic
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  1. Literature Quiz / Characters of Death Note Random Literature Quiz Can you name the Characters of Death Note? by kmoy11 Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . Rate 5 stars Rate 4 stars Rate 3 stars Rate 2 stars Rate 1 star . Popular Quizzes Today . Top 10 European Languages Blitz.
  2. Quiz Panic - Culture générale. Gerwin Software. Le jeu de Quiz à 20 joueurs en Live qui va te faire paniquer ! Make More Views. LA GAMERIE. Devenez le plus grand viewmaker et sauvez le monde de l'Apocalypse 2.0 ! Autres applications de LA GAMERIE Plus. Make More Views. LA GAMERIE. Devenez le plus grand viewmaker et sauvez le monde de l'Apocalypse 2.0 ! Ta Mère En Slip. LA GAMERIE. Le.
  3. Death Note 13: How to Read adds that in the yonkoma, it's like [L was] born to be mocked. Musical. Teppei Koike as L (Tokyo, 2015) L's role in Death Note: The Musical is essentially the same, but there are some notable changes to the plot. L does not create the Task Force; the Task Force is formed prior to his involvement, and Soichiro Yagami calls L in to assist on the case. The ending is.
  4. ent female characters to type, but Kiyomi Takada is one of them aside from Misa. She's Light's former girlfriend who also ends up as a spokesperson for Kira — already making her sound like a pretty questionable personality. And she is. She very much believes in Kira's ideals, but she's also a very smart woman. In a way, she's also.
  5. Light Yagami ( Jap. 夜神月, Yagami Raito ) est le principal protagoniste de la série Death Note. L'existence de ce lycéen japonais, extraordinairement doué pour son âge, est bouleversée à jamais le jour où il ramasse par hasard le Death Note, un cahier qui possède le pouvoir de tuer toute personne dont le nom y est écrit. Ayant pu vérifier toute sa puissance maléfique, il décide.

Death Note Quiz 5.0. It organizes various quizes to check your Death Note knowledge.. -» Death Note 10 Fragen - Erstellt von: Aki-akani - Aktualisiert am: 07.12.2017 - Entwickelt am: 24.11.2017 - 3.660 mal aufgerufen Teste hier dein Wissen Death note (desole c'est mon premier quiz) 34545 hugoshan Mangas shônen 97 5 5 3 19 octobre 2016; Death Note 1980 blacklemmy Mangas shônen 896 38 17 3.7647 27 novembre 2011; Quiz Death Note 1 Facile 44925 MangaKilleur1 Mangas shônen 15 0 1 2 23 février 2020; Est tu un bon connaisseur de death note ? 28257 Worz Mangas shônen 121 2 4 3.25. What Death Note character likes you? You can get L, Light, Matsuda, Ryuk, Amane Misa, or Near :) it won't be obvious like always :3. DanosaurPhilion published on December 27, 2013 150 responses 13 « Previous Next » Questions in vertical order. 1/7. Who would you marry if you had the chance to? L. Harry Styles. Andy Sixx. Ariana Grande. Austin Mahone. Vic Fuentes. 2/7. What's your favorite T. death note. Partager Partager par Frcosta. Aime. Modifier le contenu. Incorporer. Plus. Thème. Changer de modèle Interactives Afficher tout. PDF Imprimables. Afficher tout. Connexion requise. Options. Classement. Afficher plus Afficher moins . Ce classement est actuellement privé. Cliquez sur.

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Death Note 15 question trivia quiz, authored by JorbiK. Home » Quizzes » Television Quizzes » Television D-G Trivia » Death Note Trivia. A quiz about my favorite anime. Average score for this quiz is 12 / 15. Difficulty: Easy. Played 1,710 times. As of Aug 31 20. 1. Yagami Light is a good student. True. False. NEXT> 2. Who is second Kira? Ryuk. M. N. Misa. NEXT> 3. How does Light find. Request a Quiz Requested Quizzes; Switch skin. Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time. Switch to the light mode that's kinder on your eyes at day time. Search. Search for: Search. Menu. Switch skin . Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time. Switch to the light mode that's kinder on your eyes at day time. Follow us. facebook; twitter; instagram. ‎Trivia for DEATH NOTE ANIME TV SHOW is a fun quiz made by ManOfWar for the DEATH NOTE ANIME TV SHOW 's fans out there. Find out how much you know about the TV Show series in an addictive quiz game. Try to answer all the questions before the time runs out. + Guess the answer for many questions i

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Type to kill someone. Thank you, your vote was recorded and will be displayed soon Let's say you were thrown into the Death Note universe. Who would you be? What would you do? And what would be your destiny? Find out by taking my quiz quiz shaman king ke je regarder étan petite jadoré se manga, je nai toujour pa changé davi mai g découver de nouvo manga bocou mieu comme death note ^^ lol, alor moi je sui YOH oui il et tro mimi s.. Nope Quiz : retrouvez toutes les informations et actualités du jeu sur tous ses supports. Nope Quiz est un jeu de réflexion. Ce quiz déjanté met en scène un animateur extravagant qui tente de.

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Death Note - I. Quiz para quem curte o anime Death Note. Quiz enviado por: César. Qual é o nome do Shinigami (Deus da Morte) que segue o personagem Yagami Raito? (Uma palavra) Que nome Yagami Raito usa para se disfarçar de o assassino em série que usa o death note? (Uma palavra) Qual é o nome/apelido do assistente do Detetive L? (Uma palavra) Qual é o nome do 1º agente do FBI que Yagami. Quiz : note ces séries et on te donnera une nouveauté à regarder Pirates des Caraïbes, Jusqu'au bout du monde : impossible d'avoir 10/10 à ce quiz sur le film Choisis entre ces frères et sœurs de séries, on devinera si t'es enfant unique ou pa Death Note - III. Saiba se você é um fã de verdade do anime Death Note. Quiz enviado por: Dudah Fontenel - Death Note - Testez vos connaissances sur ce petit chef-d'œuvre. Quel est le nom du dessinateur ? Question 1/12. Kim Byu Jing Tsugumi Ōba Takeshi Obata Akira Toriyama Ce quiz a été proposé par , n´hésitez pas à lui envoyer un message pour vos remarques ou remerciements Questions : 1 : Quel est le nom du dessinat... 2 : Quel est le met favori de R... 3 : Comment se nomme le.

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et le quiz one piece, vou ète ki vou ??? moi je sui NAMI !!!! je lador cette fille ^^ >>clik la<< Skyrock.com. Connecte-toi; Crée ton blog; Chercher. Blog; Profil; death note misamisa-deathnote. Description : slt je suis une grande fan de death note venez visiter mon blog et découvrer plein de truc et tof tro rare venner nombreu ^_^ *** si vou pouvez laisser un com si possible*** Envoyer un. fanpop has Death Note trivia questions. See how well te do in the Death Note quiz quizz death note. 1/ #1 combien de death note son dans le monde des humain dans les 12 tome Quiz Quiz death note reponder au question et voyer a quel point vous conaisser death note death note reponder au question et voyer a quel pins vous conaisser death note. Menu Album photos Album; Dernières photos Sondage etes vous pour ou contre les acte de kira oui non pas totalement . Derniers sondages.

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Mello meurt tué par Kiyomi Takada, qui a écrit son nom sur une page du Death Note, lors de l'enlèvement de cette dernière. C'est grâce à cet événement que Near réussit à arrêter Light Yagami et à mettre fin à Kira. Description Apparence. Physiquement il est mince, les yeux bleus, blond avec des cheveux mi-longs raides et porte des vêtements caractéristiques du style punk et. Hii gyus welcome you all in another video... Its is a quiz of death note if you want this types of quiz Just write in comment box.....and plz subcribe ou.. Mikami in Death Note: Light Up the NEW World. In Death Note: Light Up the NEW World, Mikami is first introduced as the prosecutor to the murder case of Misa's parents. It is then revealed he was appointed to be the guardian of Hikari Yagami, Light Yagami's son. Entrusted with a Death Note, he murders Light's son but is in turn killed by police officer Tsukuru Mishima, leading to Mishima taking. In Death Note: Light Up the NEW World, six notebooks fall to the human world 10 years after Light's death, leading to the return of the Kira murders. Matsuda joins the Task Force to track down Yuki Shien. While investigating Shien's supposed location, Matsuda hears a recording of Light's voice, and he goes to look for him where he finds pieces. Du hast ein zeitbasiertes Quiz gestartet! Beachte dabei den eingeblendeten Countdown. Fantests-» Anime / Manga / Trickfilm Quizze-» Death Note. Death Note Quiz (Extrem).

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